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Pool Waterfall Company in Harlingen, TX

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The crowning feature of any pool-centered residential landscape is a pool waterfall. Installation of these stylish features is our specialty, and our custom pool waterfall company in Harlingen, TX, is dedicated to turning your landscaping dreams into a backyard reality. Along with pool waterfalls, we provide full complementary lighting and irrigation installation and support.

Specializing in Pool Waterfalls

In our more than 17 years of business, Padre Island Pools has conducted this complex but rewarding project, and we are proud of our many examples of finished work. Call to talk to an installation specialist about the right waterfall for your pool area, and get started on the style upgrade that will pay off in a lifetime of beauty and an upgrade in perceived and actual value for your home.

Large Pool Waterfall in Harlingen, TX

Pool Waterfall Installation for the Resort Look

Swimming pool waterfalls are uniquely suited to be the centerpiece of any pool installation. When they are correctly installed, they provide an impressive "wow" factor that increases the desirability of your property for any homebuyer. Pool waterfall construction is one of the most flexible backyard improvement projects available to a homeowner, allowing you to choose the perfect features to match your existing pool, décor, and layout of your property.

Custom Swimming Pool Waterfalls

Any budget can accommodate pool waterfalls, and there is a wide range of affordable options suitable for any swimming pool. Waterfalls can be tall, attention-grabbing features or sprawling stage-setting expanses wrapping around the pool. Some fun-loving customers even incorporate a water slide into their waterfalls, allowing party games and family play!

All of our swimming pool waterfalls can incorporate lighting for 24-hour fun, as well as integrated irrigation to support resort-style vegetation. Our pool waterfall company can install these features around existing decks, or coordinate the design and installation of complementary decks.

Guaranteed Pool Waterfall Construction

A well-designed waterfall can serve as the center of an entire pool system, simplifying maintenance and providing advantages in water circulation. Properly installed and maintained pool waterfalls can extend the lifespan of your pool and reduce algae growth and other issues, such as lessening the frequency of chemical treatment. As a full-service pool installation, remodeling, and maintenance company, we are uniquely suited to provide all-in-one service to meet any of our customer's needs.

You won't have to go to a specialized pool waterfall company and try to coordinate their plan with your pool installation contractor. Because we encourage your active involvement from design through construction to successful completion, you can be sure that your waterfall will be installed to your exact specifications.

Contact us for the waterfall feature that will improve your pool and impress your guests! Padre Island Pools installs and remodels pools of any size throughout South Texas, as well as providing repairs and essential maintenance for residential and commercial pools in Harlingen, McAllen, Mission, and the surrounding area.