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As any pool ages, cracks and blisters in the pool surface may allow leaks, while fading will ruin the pristine look. Leaving these problems to worsen will increase the need for chemical treatment and require that your pump and filters work overtime to maintain the pool. As well, a leaking pool wastes money and water.

All these problems aside, a deteriorating pool is an eyesore in your yard, and needs attention. Fortunately, our pool resurfacing company in Harlingen, TX, provides comprehensive solutions for all of these issues, including pool leak detection.

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Fix Leaks with Our Pool Resurfacing

The most common impetus for pool resurfacing is a leaky pool. However, pinpointing the source of a leak is often difficult in an in-ground pool. Unlike an aboveground or inflatable pool, the escaping water seeps into the surrounding soil rather than "springing" a leak.

These subterranean leaks not only waste water, but the buildup of water can cause damage to the surrounding foundations. This makes it doubly important to spot in-ground pool leaks early! Some signs that your pool may be leaking include:

• Excess Water Lost (Allowing for Natural Evaporation)
• Air in the System (from Exposed Piping)
• Requires Water More than Once a Week
• Unexpected Pump and Filter Overwork
• Soggy Spots around the Pool

Swimming Pool Resurfacing by the Professionals

As the area swimming pool installation experts, we are uniquely suited to serve as your pool resurfacing company. The purpose of resurfacing is to extend the life of your pool, but improper installation can have the entirely opposite result! For this reason, it is important not only to find the most professional pool company for this essential job, but also to make sure they are fully equipped to safely get the job done right the first time.

Padre Island Pools takes a methodical approach to pool resurfacing, ensuring the best possible benefit for your pool. The longer the potential improvement in lifetime, the more cost-effective a swimming pool resurfacing will be. Count on us to use only the finest materials and techniques to ensure your pool is leak-free and looks great!

Precise Pool Leak Detection & Repair

Because most leaks are not obvious, reliable pool leak detection is best performed by professionals. Our regular pool cleaning includes frequent reports on the level of water of the pool. If these levels are unexpected or unusual, our specialists will perform a variety of tests to isolate the source of the leak and implement a temporary repair. After we have plugged the leak, our affordable pool resurfacing can provide a permanent fix. Schedule an assessment today to get your pool back to like-new condition.

Contact us for scheduled and emergency pool resurfacing for leak prevention and your family's health and safety! Padre Island Pools installs and remodels pools of any size throughout South Texas, as well as providing repairs and essential maintenance for residential and commercial pools in Harlingen, McAllen, Mission, and the surrounding area.