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Swimming Pool Heaters in Harlingen, TX

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Don't take a cold swim when you could relax in comfort in a heated pool. Our swimming pool heaters in Harlingen, TX, enable perfect swimming temperatures regardless of the season. Padre Island Pools provides full installation, repair, and maintenance for pools throughout the South Texas area.

Some pool heater repair companies only work on certain types of pool heaters, but we are skilled in the installation and repair of any pool heater system. Whether propane, electric resistance, heat pumps, or even solar heaters, there's no system our installation and service can't handle!

Swimming Pool Heater Repair & Upgrades

Getting the right heat for a pool can be a tricky task, especially in unpredictable weather, but upgrading your heater with automatic sensors makes it easy. Proper calibration is essential for these sensors, and part of our regular pool maintenance is a full check of these crucial systems.

Regular pool heater repair service includes recommended tests to provide an estimate of expected remaining lifetime. Equipped with this knowledge, you will be in the best position to make the best choice for a new swimming pool heater. Repair of an aging system can quickly become cost-prohibitive, in addition to the annoyance of increasingly frequent breakdowns.

Heated Pool and Hot Tub in Harlingen, TX

Pool Heater Repair Service & Replacement

Consider a replacement pool heater: the increased efficiency of a modern pool heater will quite often pay for its own installation within a fraction of its expected lifetime. As energy costs increase, decreasing the cost of fuel and wastage of generated energy will provide significant savings over the years.

While sustainable options such as heat pumps and solar heaters may include a higher upfront cost than gas heaters, this investment will pay off in increased lifespan and utility savings. The cost of maintaining these simple systems is much lower than a complex gas heater as well.

Our pool heater repair company can provide you with detailed information on all your options in heaters, and our regular checks and service will keep your system in good working order throughout the year. Schedule a free assessment of your system today so we can give your swimming pool heaters the care they deserve!

Contact us to beat the water chill and enjoy a comfortable swim. Padre Island Pools installs and remodels pools of any size throughout South Texas, as well as providing repairs and essential maintenance for residential and commercial pools in Harlingen, McAllen, Mission, and the surrounding area.